Coca-Cola | BuBBLES


Commercials aren't awesome. They're intrusive, boring and distract you from whatever you were trying to paying attention to. But what if they didn't have to be? What if commercials could behave more like social media, and respond to and enhance the content you're trying to watch? That was the goal of Bubbles, Coca-Cola's real-time, responsive TV campaign.


We came up with the idea of "twitter-like" TV spots and worked with Cloneless Media to develop a platform that enabled us to write, animate, render and route TV spots to networks in less than five minutes. We debuted the technology during the Sochi Winter Olympics and created on-the-fly TV spots that commented events and topical happenings. Bubbles were extended into the NBA Finals, March Madness and NASCAR, but we bowed out because, well #sports.