Coca-Cola | Building


Building is a celebration of the special moments we experience throughout a lifetime. It highlights the passage of time, and how Coke bears witness to so many of the joyful moments that matter in our lives. Also, the Coca-Cola Corporation made me write that.


In my mind, the film is a really lovely little piece about family and the phases of life. It was also a super-fantastic excuse to play dollhouse for several months with a ton of really talented animators, tiny furniture builders and Smith + Foulkes.


The film is a combination of CG and stop-motion animation. The building itself and all of its corresponding interior design was hand built by ridiculously skilled craftspeople with far more patience than I will ever have. Bless them.


We wanted the cast to feel very authentic, so we based all of the characters off of our real friends, family and coworkers at Wieden + Kennedy. These are early character sketches. 


We also worked with Legwork to create a digital piece so rabid Coke fans at home could super-impose their Facebook photos into the building.