One Percent

The American Indian College Fund | 1%


Only 1% of college students are American Indian. And of that 1%, more than 95% of those students need scholarships and financial aid to attend college. We rooted the 2016 American Indian College Fund campaign in these staggering statistics coupled with traditional, Native American beadwork. We had the privilege of working with photo-realist, Choctaw bead artist, Marcus Amerman. He created portraits of current AICF students and alumni to demonstrate how real the numbers and need are. 

Each portrait comprises over 18,000 seed beads. Marcus hand-stitched the beads directly on top of real student photos. The patience and handcraft mastery that went into each print ad still blows my mind. Seeing each completed piece in real life was truly stunning. 


We then carried the traditional craft of beadwork into TV with a stop-motion and CG animation created by Chel White. And then we got some up-and-coming musician, Neil Young, to let us use one of his tracks. VO is by two other incredibly talented Native American artists, Rose Simpson and Gary Farmer.


Print process photos. Each portrait took weeks to complete, Marcus would send us updates as he painstakingly created each print execution. 


We also redesigned the AICF website. Look at the work, but more importantly, please donate to The American Indian College Fund.